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Hydrogen Alternative Fuel Essays

Hydrogen: The Fuel Of The Future?

Hydrogen: the Fuel of the Future?

The Problem:

For years, United States citizens have been using natural gases and oils to power their cars. While doing so we have also been polluting our environment, making ourselves dependant on other regions of the world, and depleting our oil reserves. Rory Sporrows of “Geographical” wrote, “The car is responsible for combusting eight million barrels of oil every day, contributing to nearly a quarter of total global greenhouse emissions and causing major increases in bronchial diseases like asthma and emphysema.” (2001) Oil is not a renewable resource. One day it will run out. The graph to the left depicts that in these times in which we should be conserving what we have; we are doing exactly the opposite. Although the United States makes up only five percent of the worlds population, it consumes more than twenty-six percent of the world’s oil. And if we let our situation get to the point that we run out of oil, our average internal combustion, gasoline engines will no longer work. We will be forced to turn to alternative means of power.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells:

There are many alternative means of power that have been suggested: solar, wind, hydro, and hydrogen fuel cells to name a few of the more popular ideas. The focus of this research paper is hydrogen fuel cells.

For hydrogen fuel cells to work the process requires pure hydrogen. However, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, pure hydrogen doesn’t occur naturally anywhere on earth. We have to refine it ourselves.

Water can be split into separate parts through a process called reverse electrolysis. Water or H2O, seen in the diagram to the right, can be decompressed into free-floating hydrogen (H) atoms and oxygen (O2) molecules. This is currently the only reliable way of acquiring pure hydrogen.

There are other ways, which at the time have just been proven to work. They have potential to produce hydrogen without using any electricity. Scientists for the past sixty years have known that a certain kind of algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, produces trace amounts of hydrogen gas. Tasios Malis, a professor at the University of California, and his colleagues have figured out that by starving the algae of sulphur the hydrogen production increases by almost four hundred percent. The algae plant can sustain a four-day period of this starved state, but then must be revitalized. The algae can be cycled between a recuperated and sulphur-starved state several times. Malis also estimated that, once optimized, a square meter pond of the algae could produce up to twenty-five grams of hydrogen per day, enough to power a mid size, fuel cell car about three kilometers or just less than two miles (Baulch, 2001). It’s interesting but, for the most part, unlikely for application.

When the pure hydrogen, shown on the left side of the diagram to the left, is administered into the hydrogen fuel cell it is passed over an...

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Hydrogen: The Best Alternative Energy Source Essay

2633 Words11 Pages

Since the human were created, they have always been depending on an external energy source. Before the use of fossil fuel was discovered, people used the sun as their main external energy source. The sun provides heat, light, and photosynthesis for food that the humans and animals need to make their work energy. And it also affects wind and water motion that the humans also use to make power to do heavy work. When the use of fossil fuels was discovered, it enabled the industrial revolution to begin in the early 19th century. And it also made the growth of human population, technologies, and wealth. Since then, the human use the fossil fuels as their main external energy source. That period could well be renamed as the energy…show more content…

To find the replacement for the fossil fuels is not an easy work. The human must do research and spend a lot of money and time to find the alternative source that can supply the world’s energy demand in quantity and has a competitive price compared with the fossil fuels. Considering the limited amount of the fossil fuel that soon will be expired, the increasing use of the fossil fuel has forced the human to find the alternative energy source.

Hydrogen as alternative energy source

One promising alternative energy source to the fossil fuels is hydrogen. Through its reaction with oxygen, hydrogen releases energy explosively in heat engines or quietly in fuel cells to produce water as its only result. Hydrogen is available in a big amount and freely spread throughout the world. Using Hydrogen as a future energy system only requires technology and time.

Hydrogen does not form as the fuel H2 in the nature. Hydrogen mostly occurs in a chemical compounds like water or hydrocarbon that must be chemically transformed to form as the fuel H2. Hydrogen is a carrier of energy and it must be produced from a natural resource. At present, most of the world’s hydrogen is produced from a natural gas by a process called steam reforming. But the steam reforming process does not reduce the use of the fossil fuels, because it just removes the use of fossil fuels as the end product to

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