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Rel 134 Week 1 Studying Religion Essays

There are many different religions in the world today, all of which worship and practice differently. Most of the traditions, beliefs, and rituals these religions are consisted of our exclusive to only on religion. Some common traits of most religions are that most of them have sacred areas, sacred times, and the worshippers usually have a relationship with a divine presence. The relationship the practitioners have with what is divine consists mostly with an understanding of what is divine and what or who is sacred. Some religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are considered monotheism because they have only one god. Other religions, such as Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other ancient religions are considered polytheism because they have many gods involved in their belief and worship. A third kind of religion is pantheism, referring to religions that worship nature. These religions see their god as existent beings. Many of the polytheistic belief systems include worship of people, animals, or idols. Many monotheistic belief systems see the single deity as a spirit that cannot be touched or

Studying Religion Assignment OptionsIntroductionReligion has been a complicated discussion throughout the history of mankind. There are many different religions throughout the world and most go back thousands of years, which beliefs and rituals vary in each. There have been religious wars and battles that have been foughtin the past. People view religion in different ways from a moral and ethical point of view. Manycontroversies surround religion. There is controversy over whose religion or what type of religion is correct and there is controversy over which religion is the right one to have faith in. Religion is having faith in a superior entity where prayer and certain rituals combined together tohave a positive impact on that individual or family. It is also structured where faith is gathered and methods of cultural behaviors are practiced with faith. Much has changed in the last twenty to thirty years from questioning “In God We Trust” on the American currency to taking prayer out of the public school districts. This paper will address and discuss tradition in religion, the three Western religions and their ethos, the different approaches towards religion, and the critical issues in the academic study of religion.What is essential (in the practices and beliefs) for a tradition to be called a religion?There are over 4,300 religions in the world and there are more when it comes to cults and spiritual groups("What Is the Total Number of Religions in The World", 2016). That being said, religion will always be an unsolved understanding and a great debate for years to come.

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