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Icaew Case Study November 2015 Emails

Fees and Next Steps

TIS is available year round but as you may expect we are typically busiest in the weeks before examination sessions take place. 

TIS is charged on the following basis:

£120 plus VAT per paper for Professional Level papers other than Business Planning papers

£150 plus VAT for Professional Level Business Planning papers (BPB and BPT)

£150 plus VAT per paper for Corporate Reporting or Strategic Business Management papers

This includes a full marking of your paper, calculation of a percentage grade, detailed comments on a line by line basis, 2-3 page report explaining strengths and weaknesses (including explanation of any technical content which proved problematic) and the full model answer to your paper. 

Please note that due to high demand and the time intensive nature of the marking process we do require prior scheduling of submission dates for your mocks, with the schedule being agreed at least 2-3 weeks before submission. We reserve the right to close TIS to new applicants at any time so please do get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. 

All TIS work is billed on a pay as you go basis with no minimum number of scripts so you can complete as many or as few papers as you wish.

Please complete the Application Form below to inform us of your requirements regarding TIS. 

5 Full Mocks

We are the only ICAEW Partner in Learning to provide 5 full mock examinations, providing you maximum exposure to as many realistic examination scenarios as possible. Since we do not know what route the examiner could take, the more practice you can get, the better. 

Full question papers with realistic formatting

We have been careful to replicate the formatting of real examination papers: we have studied the font, font size, Exhibit length and number of Exhibits per Requirement so that our mocks are exactly like the real thing.

The more familiar you are with the format, the more comfortable you will feel in the real examination. 

Full model answers with ICAEW-style marking grid and fully written out narrative answers

All question papers come with a full exam-standard marking "grid" showing you all the mark-scoring points available in the 40 assessable marking "Boxes". See our book Cracking Case for a full explanation of how these crucial "Boxes" work. 

We also provide you with fully written out narrative student-style answers for all 5 mocks to show you the correct writing style and headings to use in order to cover the correct areas. 

With realistic exam-standard questions and answers, our mock pack provides everything you need to self-study and develop your technique whilst learning the July 2018 Case Study business inside-out via realistic exam scenarios.


Our Mock Exam Pack is priced at £230 plus VAT for 5 full mock examinations.

Please note that no VAT is due if you are based outside the EU. 

We are pleased to provide a £20 plus VAT loyalty discount to purchasers of the July 2018 edition of Cracking Case. Please follow the instructions contained in the opening pages of the book to obtain your discount. 

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