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Lan Switching And Wan Networks Assignment Help

Task-1 Understand the Impact of WAN technology

Given the needs of client IT infrastructure requirement to deploy cost effective, reliable and consistent topology to connect remote offices with main branch hosted in London, The solution diagram technically seems very much effective if the network services are consistent, available and well managed without compromising any security parameters.

In today technology world, there are so many WAN technology available that include, MPLS, Point to Point links, IPSEC over VPN, GRE, cloud solutions and other low cost to serve module that provide consistent , reliable and secure infrastructure.

I need to work out on available technologies in markets in context of evaluation and cost effective solution offered to meet the requirement along with explanation summery.

Evaluation of technologies:

Going further to know the company needs and meeting the requirement to access two remote locations IT services, every organization require wide area network connectivity to access service either sides. So, how to evaluate best reliable, cost effective and easy to manage technology that simplify the services while accessing from remote sites or branch offices.

Purpose of WAN

The purpose of WAN is just get into computer network wherever you go. The example diagram given in task also has wide area network options between the branches. If we need to access remote office then technology should be in place that works to connect offices, cities or countries else there is no media or ways to send or receive data other than local LAN.  The term WAN stand for wide area network, mean network which has presence on different geographical location and need to connect to access IT services, This is as good as local LAN where people sitting can access any data services hosted around premises but if you need to different location where Local area network is unreachable directly and has limitation then wide area network topology should be in place. So, how to find what are the topology and ways are where we can connect different locations, countries as well cities without compromising network security. Ofcourse, this has challenge and need expertise to design solution that make a difference.

Wide Area Network available technologies

Here, this is challenge to understand which is really a suitable solution to meet the business requirement as couple of service provider offering different ways of solutions to connect offices, these could low cost to  server too, There are couple industries has their own private wide area network where they dropped  fiber cable from among their all offices to interconnect, that’s work like a hot line or private wide area network setup, other industries those need temporally access and don’t want to create complexity in their setup, then they prefer to rent all these services from service provider those has presence in demand cities. The internet services provider has different technology available based on their present in country to provide you solution either through copper wire leased line, point to point link, ISDN, MPLS, IPSEC over VPN through Internet cloud. Nonetheless, technology is available but question is what we need and how we like to connect, in best practice, people are highly demanded either to MPLS or IPSEC over VPN.

If we see the current case then,  I would proposed company client design a private local network , if the number of users are less, than flat network management could a  best solution to access core services hosted in common data center locations else, design solution that has different VLAN to maintain network security as well hardening broadcast attacks. This solution also take care Voice over IP needs as desired in between office. Let’s talk on technology available and analysis that suit to us and help in simplifying the needs.


It is acronym for Asynchronous Transfer Mode. It is a protocol which is used over the
fibers technology (SDH/SONET). It is mainly used in the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and public switched telephone network (PSTN). It implies dedicated connection switching technology in which ATM manages digital information into 53-byte cell units and transfers through physical medium. For transmission it uses digital signal technology. The design of ATM is very easy that makes easy implementation in hardware, switching of speeds and fast processing. The defined bit rate for ATM network is either 622.080 mbps or 155.520 mbps. The averages speed of ATM network is 10 Gbps.

(Jain, 2015)


This is the technology that helps business to connect their remote offices located in rural area where company cannot find the ways for P2P, MPLS or dedicated connectivity. This make virtual link over the internet that passes through security parameters defined both sides to into core network where VPN need to establish.  There are many options to design and implement computer network for data / bit transfer over the internet. For authentication these systems uses encryption techniques for security mechanism.

As on today, there two types of VPN technology offered, Site to site VPN or Mobile VPN. In site to site- Side, source and destination configured IPSEC VPN over internet that passes through with encryption and hand shake algorithm parameters.

(Beal, 2015)


Frame Relay is vital WAN solution that is generally used as an option for leased lines.  Because leased lines are costly. To connect devices in a wide area network  packet switching protocol is used. Frame relay supports higher rate of data transfer of standard T-1 and T-3. The speed in T-1 and T-3 standard respectively is 1.544 Mbps and 45 Mbps.  The customers who demands connection speed of T-1 standard, telecom companies provide them frame relay service.

(Azam, 2015)

Leased Line

Year ago, when technology are not available then best to implement or connect two office lease line, P2P was excellent ways on copper wires. This has dedicated circuit on phone lines that setup by the telecommunication carrier service provider. The major different between dialup connection and lead line is, dialup has dial and demand which could be disconnect in case any transmission loss or machine hang as this work as virtually created setup on specific machine. These leased lines are copper wire pair which is work as always-active seamless session until failure in pair allotted by carrier provider. The another different and reason why people move from dial up, of course it was good solution in earlier stage when there was no  solution available or technology limitation , to lease line is packet sizing and time taken while accessing the stuff. The key requirement to connect lease line is modem that modulated and demodulates the packet frame or data during travel. The lease line solution is purely private network that come across carrier provider as dedicated pair over telephone PRI as well BRI lines topology. So, what the limitation and why people switch over from lease line to another one, The modem used to connect copper wire has limitation to transfer data, they line terminated on serial interface of router that come through modem which can only afford maximum 2 Mb channel capacity,

In PRI, Primary rather interface, or E-1 line has 2 Mbps, 32 channel baskets where two channels already occupied to connect and transfer data, rest 30 channels used in communication and send receive data. These 20 channels used data and voice together that need to divide by carrier or PBX provider, the technology behind this setup called multiplexing which divide two different channels all together on common pair. So, what happen if people want to flood more than 2 Mb data whole of day, given the needs of business and routine business dependency new technology introduced like MPLS, IPSEC over VPN etc.?

(Mitchell, 2015)

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Task 2 WAN over Frame Relay

In my Frame relay network, Hub as HO London and spoke as Paris and Tokyo including new office planned in New York, this topology is known as star topology. Star topology has centralized router or single hub that provides access to different core services. The other device (routers, switches) are connected to this centralize hub or router called spoke.

(Azam, 2015)

(Source: w7cloud)

HUB and Spoke technology work like a client and server where

  • The easiest thing in frame relay topology in no complexity between hub and spoke
  • The pain area in this technology is failure, which has dependency on HUB that is caring of all spoke connected, this looks like a single router to all spokes which is communicating to key location.
  • The service provider, allot a common pipe to connect all spokes with Hub that’s lead to a failure in case anything happen to hub location then all others spoke get disconnected.
  • This is old technology which has limitation and failure rate that has impact to business critical
  • Frame relay topology was used for small offices which has less critical work without major  impact in case any failure or disaster happen, this communication work well if things or pipe used are smooth and consistent.
  • In Frame relay network, I shall design VLSM methodology for subnet standard IP pool used from HO to all Branches.

(Irfan, 2015)

Task3/4-Solution offered.

The MPLS and IPSEC over VPN is best topology to assure consistent, reliable and secure network infrastructure. IPSEC VPN and MPLS both are very much secure if the tunnel mode and encryption used are very much sensible and strong.

(SearchUnifiedCommunications, 2015)

Task-3 Implementation the proposal along with details of devices

Type of Topology

1- MPLS- to and from HO to Branches

2- ILL-Internet Link to publish outlook web access

Connectivity Method

1- MPLS- Static route-


QOS/Cos on MPLS as agreed in policy

cos1=70% for data, cos2=30% for VOIP

Annual Cost

Low cost then other technology

Watch Guard-

At head Office-850


Cisco 2850 at head office

800 series at branches


Cisco 3750-X – Stack switch

Cisco 2960-X- Access Layer

(Source: Google)

Summary of devices, IP used in diagram- Where Secure is as on Today in Network Topology-

1- MPLS VPN cloud from services in between HO-all branches configured with data traffic shaping based on agreed quality and class of service for data and VOICE.

2- Dedicated bandwidth allocation data center hosted in HO-London to provide internet access and manage remote security.

Cos-1 for Voice=1 Mb at each location

Cos-2 for data default based on Port as in diagram.

3- Backup Link between HO-London to both Branches Parish and Tokyo, provided to assure consistent and reliable network services.

 IP range in HO defined, where device IP table is as follow

1Firewall as Local LAN gateway192.168.168.1/28
2Core Switch L3 Cisco stackable192.168.168.2/28
3Email server/Active directory192.168.168.3/28
4Web Server/DNS server192.168.168.4/28
5File Server192.168.168.5/28
6PBX and VOICE System192.168.168.6/28
7Users in LAN range defined192.168.168.15/64

In Paris- IP subnet divide from

1Cisco MPLS router192.168.168.129/27
2Core Switch L2 Cisco stackable192.168.168.130/27
3File Server192.168.168.131/27
4LAN users are192.168.168.132 to

In Tokyo- IP subnet divide from

1Cisco MPLS router192.168.168.165/27
2Core Switch L2 Cisco stackable192.168.168.166/27
3File Server192.168.168.167/27
4LAN users are192.168.168.168 to

For New Branches open in New York the Range will be

In Paris- IP subnet divide from

1Cisco MPLS router192.168.168.196/27
2Core Switch L2 Cisco stackable192.168.168.198/27
3File Server192.168.168.199/27
4LAN users are192.168.168.201 to

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Security Monitoring

Tools used for analysis and data capturing are as follows:

  • Wireshark
  • ISS- security scanner

How to Capturing Packets in wire shark

Wireshark is next generation technology and excellent tools for capturing packets which are moving across network, this has ability to trapped and capture all data which is going through interface where wireshark setup. This is available on freeware download to do all these test, once this download run the setup and install in machine from where packet capturing require. Thereafter, need to configure the interface to use in system to monitor the data and packet in IP subnet pool. Things are what we want to capture, LAN interface or WI-FI interface, this we need to decide before starting capturing packets. Once chose the interface simply click to start thereafter the screen below will appear. (Hoffman, 2015)

How to Analysis Data packets

Data packets analysis depend on what we capture and application or IP need to analysis, if we want see specific port or, protocol say SMTP, POP, IMAP, DNS, NetBIOS, WINS or anti-spam,  etc, then simply need to write query for sorting the capturing packet log. The screen attached above clearly show the type of protocol, source and destination from packets coming, get the log of entire packets capturing and analysis as what we are looking for. (Hoffman, 2015)

Prevention and corrective action for security violation

The IPS and IDS, Intrusion prevention and detection system has ability to detect the violation in network, in case any violation detect on the device then network security engineer should take action without any delay and inform to authority to take appropriate action. The security expert who is keep eyes on detection system, has to share all about detect and further plan to take corrective action. In case there is delay in getting response and approval from management or owner where violation detect then apply correct IT policy which has been agreed and should be adhered by everyone in company

Review the policies and procedure defined in ISO framework and in policy. Defining the role to keep watch the system 24*7*365, thereafter define approval and authority matrix to the security team to take appropriate change within change management order. The correction and prevention action could be

  • Disconnect the server from network which seems to violated
  • Call to service provide and explain him about the violation as well attacks
  • See the government law and IT ACT to call police and agencies
  • Wake up entire network or system based on prioritization
  • Broadcast internal email to all management and concern department if require
  • Analysis the origin of attack, once violated system remove from network

(Branscombe, 2013)

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Managing WAN infrastructure and problem solving

Method for analysis the problems in case any failure in VOIP or connectivity happen

I shall design the process for change management and incident report, post incident report and then proactive action plan in CAPA.  In process, I shall define the to go through step by step to identify the root cause of the issue say, If users sitting in their local LAN are able to access local hosted services but not in position to access emails, FTP and web services hosted in HO then I need to go with PING utility to check remote IP defined in HO, any IP of server , email server if not able to ping then see the MPLS connectivity between router to router, if router to router not able to ping then problem might lead to service provider side. So, the basic steps to verify trouble shoot network are:

Trouble shoot Network local problem

  • Understand the problem identify
  • Go through the basic check which is primary to do the test
  • Ping the machine locally from main server or machine to server
  • If ping works from server to host machine but host machine to server failed then need to check firewall setting in host machine,
  • See, whether ping allow or not in desktop or host operating system
  • If ping disable then machine shall not able to ping from any host but service has to work
  • If services also not work then firewall need to reconfigure based on the requirement

Trouble shoots wide area network problems

Wide area network issues have dependency with service provider as well device connected so the key parameters for analysis are:

  • Speak to Service provide which is caring MPLS managed services
  • If service provide say all things are working then I need to test LAN device including wired, LAN port from switch to router
  • Simultaneously will see the alert in system if any alert come for service down
  • Used ping and tracer utility need to run within LAN to see where gateway of specific LAN pinging on not,
  • If this is not pinging from host machine connected in LAN, This lead to issue in a connector or Jack going in switch or router port not working properly,
  • If link working from router to router between HO to Branch then problem definitely somewhere between inside LAN-TO WAN devices

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Test LAB Environment

I deployed Active directory DNS, Email and file server to test the environment and deployment permission level at user’s level. The network infrastructure for LAB created with Cisco Switches, Routers, firewall watch guard and HP server to test the environment.

I want to use HP hardware for all three servers, as the consistency and availability of HP Mac looks like a leader for IT solutions. Most of the company in UK which has their own data center preferring HP as primary server provider or vendor to support their Server level support. The configuration of File and Email server shall be RAID0+1 and RAID 5 to manage redundancy in OS and data level.


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Hoffman, C. (2015). How to Use Wireshark to Capture, Filter and Inspect Packets. [online] Howtogeek.com. Available at: http://www.howtogeek.com/104278/how-to-use-wireshark-to-capture-filter-and-inspect-packets/ [Accessed 12 Jun. 2015].

Irfan, Y. (2015). What is a hub and spoke network?. [online] TechTarget. Available at: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/what-is-a-hub-and-spoke-network/ [Accessed 12 Jun. 2015].

Jain, R. (2015). ATM Netwroks. [online] Available at: http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~jain/atm/ftp/atm_intr.pdf [Accessed 12 Jun. 2015].

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Computer Network Assignment HelpWide Area Network Assignment Help

Computer Network Assignment Help Online

Computer network, by definition, is a set of computer system and other computing hardware devices interconnected for the purpose of sharing resources. Networks are commonly identified based on their characteristics. Availing professional computer network assignment help is the best way to improve your grades. If you decide to write a technical article on computer networking, you need to implement many technical facts in your writing. But how do you get hold of effective information? The answer is computer network assignment help offered by us.

Functions of computer networks

Computer network is used to link the different computer users within the defined parameters. Computer network assignment help experts highlight that the chief functions of computer networks are to store, update, share and classify data. Generally computers are linked to create a network via cables and electronic gadgets like modems. The networks are used to:

  • Facilitate communication via email, video conferencing, instant messaging etc
  • Allow multiple users to share a single hardware device like a printer or scanner
  • Enable file sharing across the network
  • Allow sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems
  • Make the information easier to access and maintain among network users.

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Types of computer network

The most common categories of computer network are described in details below by our experts:

WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN is defined as the computer network that covers a broad area which may span across provinces and even whole country. In the sector of telecommunications, this type of system is utilized. This network is of extreme high speed. So the users have to spend a huge amount of money to get the services from this network.

Government entities, business organizations and other education facilities use WAN to get connected and transmit data to each other. Different technologies are used to develop the wide area network links from integrated telephone lines, radio wave transmission and the optical fiber. The speed of the WAN has increased radically in the last few decades. From 110 bits per second in the year 1960 to up to 100 G/bits per second now, the speed has improved exponentially.

LAN (Local Area Network)

A network system installed in a building and operated under single administrative system is known as LAN. Generally, this type of network is used in organization’s offices, schools, colleges/universities, etc.

Usually, the LAN has a server of its own which has its own applications and storage systems that are shared among the users. From two to a few hundred, the number of users within the LAN network can vary. Today, Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most common forms of LAN usage. A wireless LAN is always preferred to wired LAN due to its effectiveness, flexibility and cost. Simple LANs comprises of two to three switches which are connected to the router or modem for internet access. A complex LAN consists of several switches which uses a spanning tree protocol to prevent loops and manage more volumes of data transmission.


This network is mostly used in recent private, public, business, academic and government networks connected and guided by wireless and fiber-optic technologies. Computer network assignment help experts highlight internet as a network of global exchange connected by network system that uses TCP/IP to transmit data.
It is also referred to as Internet Area Network which is envisioned as the ideal networking model for the future. It connects all the endpoints through the public web, enabling the transmission of data and exchanging information possible without getting bound to a physical location. The rise of Internet Area Network is based on cloud computing. In the last one decade, high capacity networks and peer-to-peer architecture have paved the way for the popularity of internet networking.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This type of network facilities equips the whole city such as cable TV network. It can be used in various forms like Ethernet, Token-ring, ATM or FDDI. With accordance to the area of coverage, a MAN network covers larger area than LAN but smaller than WAN. MAN links generally use microwave, radio or infra-red laser transmission to connect between two LANs.
MANs are used to build high speed network for cities and towns which is effective due to its medium range. The network of MAN can extend up to 40 kilometers maintaining its speed and effectiveness. These days MAN networks work on Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) with IEEE 802.6 standard of data communication giving a speed of transmission up to 155 Mbps.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

This network is very similar to LAN, but they do not require wires to connect each other. Radio and infrared signals are ideal examples of WLAN. As it is wireless, it gives all the users within the range of its effectiveness to move around without losing connection.
The IEEE 802.11 defines the functionality of WLAN into two basic modes, namely, infrastructure and ad hoc mode. In the ad hoc mode, the units or clients transmit directly peer-to-peer while in the infrastructure mode, the units communicate through a specific access point. The most recent standard of WLAN is 802.11g offering a speed of around 150 Mbps per channel.

CAN (Campus Area Network)

A network that connects many small LAN networks is named as CAN. It allows easy file sharing between different departments as all the files are usually shared on the server machine.
CAN is a form of smaller MAN network but with a shorter range of effectiveness. The networking equipments and transmission media are owned by the authority itself which uses FDDI, ATM, Token Ring and fast Ethernet to get connected. The range of CAN varies but it can be effective with an area about 8-10 km2. CAN is used in the corporate offices where the employees require high speed data link.

SAN (Storage Area Network)

This network is mostly used as information database, not often used by organizations or any similar entities. This network is implemented on the websites that offer downloading services.
A Storage Area Network or SAN is assembled using three principle components: cabling, Host Bus Adapters and switches. The SAN moves the storage resources from the common network reorganizing them into a high speed and independent network. Every server, whenever required, can access this storage. A SAN cannot perform file abstraction and it can be used for only block-level operations. It uses ATA, Fiber Channel Protocol and SCSI protocol for communication between servers and disk drive services.

PAN (Personal Area Network)

This network is used for communicating between more than one or two computers and computer devices (including telephones) within around few meters within a room.
When a person works in his individual laptop, connected with a printer which is also attached with his smartphone using wireless technology, it can be referred to as the simplest form of Personal Area Network.

This wireless PAN is based on the standard IEEE 802.15. Bluetooth and Infrared data transmission falls under the category of PAN.

SAN (System Area Network)

This network is linked to high performance computers with high-speed connections in a cluster configuration. It is also known as Cluster Area Network.
System Area Network is capable of delivering very high bandwidth up to 1 Gbps with a very low latency. A SAN is used to interconnect all the nodes within a distributed computer system referred to as a cluster. It is known for its security and low error rates. SANs are especially effective for bulk data transfer as it uses Remote Direct Memory Access Mechanism.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer networking

Computer networking has of late become the face of computing, allowing the user to connect across the globe as if they were in the same room. Computer network assignment help experts evaluate its negative aspects too like security risks, workplace distractions etc.


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