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Ipads Vs Textbooks Essay Definition

What if you could have your whole backpack at the touch of you fingertips? In the first month of the Apple iPads release a whooping 25 million were sold! People all over the world use iPads for all sorts of different things: business, games, media, etc, but one of their finest qualities is the ability to be a textbook. IPads have already replaced textbooks in over 600 counties. Schools in America should do away with their beefy school books and switch to iPads because they cost less, weight less, are more efficient, and can be used whenever, wherever.

To begin, school districts should switch out their textbooks to iPads because they are less expensive. Textbooks become outdated and schools have to buy new books, but with an iPad schools can update them for free therefore they can use the saved money for other programs. In an online newspaper article it states, “...iPads cost between $500 and $600 dollars, which is what Brookfield High in Connecticut estimates it spends per student on a yearly basis for textbooks,” (Saavedra 2). Schools don’t have to spend $500 every year for iPads because they last a while and can be updated. Because they are more reasonably priced, schools should convert their textbooks to iPads .

Secondly, iPads are lighter than multiple heavy textbooks and notebooks so schools should replace books with iPads. In high school, textbooks have an average of 4.8 pounds each, students usually have multiple classes which results in multiple textbooks, which adds up (Glenn 3). A solution to that is an iPad, they only weigh 1.33 pounds and can hold virtually all of a students textbooks (Apple 2). Research shows, “Improper backpack use can also lead to poor posture,” (Backpack 9). Heavy backpacks filled will books can cause bad backs, but since iPads are lighter backs can be saved. Due to the weigh of textbooks, schools should switch to iPads because they weigh significantly less.
Third, schools in America should get rid of their textbooks and get iPads because they have more capabilities. Some might think all of the apps are distracting but the apps actually make iPads more efficient. According to an article written by Simon Saavedra from The Christian Post, “iPads...absorb the need to buy graphic calculators, dictionaries, and other items that are found within the device,” ( Saavedra 9). Textbooks cannot do those tasks, but iPads can easily do them with just a tap of the fingertip. Clearly, iPads should replace textbooks in schools because they have a lot of abilities.
Lastly, iPads are a better choice for schools instead of textbooks because these devices are accessible anywhere at any time. These tablets are perfect for busy school students. Liz Kolb from Academic Search Premier was in agreement with this point when she stated, “They want to be able to learn anytime (even at 2:00 am); anywhere (even at the mall),” (Kolb 10). IPads allow students to access their learning whenever making it easier to get their homework done. Obviously, iPads are a great alternative to books in schools because students can use them on the go whenever they please.

In conclusion, schools in America should get rid of their bulky textbooks and switch to iPads. First, they are cheaper, so schools can invest in other programs such as drama, music, and many others. Also, they are lighter so they will save students from having bad posture. Third, they have more abilities than an average textbook. Lastly, iPads can be used any where, any time. IPads have allowed this generation to have their entire backpack in the palm of their hands.

An essay written by a fifth grader

IPads Vs Textbooks

by Anisha

            Textbooks have become a nuisance for students and school districts across the nation. As technology advances, learning has become more efficient, and children have become more accustomed to devices like iPads. Some school district officials think that textbooks are the way to go, but iPads are obviously the sensible alternative. This course of action will reduce stress on students, save the district resources, and endure a longer period of time than textbooks.

Although a few people may think iPads can be frustratingly slow if overloaded with applications, the majority of people realize that iPads are easier for students to use. Textbooks put considerable weight on a student’s back, which can lead to medical conditions such as scoliosis. With an iPad, on the other hand, the weight on the student’s back is reduced by a large amount. Also, iPads are much more portable than textbooks. In addition, when a student has to pack just one iPad daily rather than four textbooks, the chances of forgetting a book decrease by 75%. On many occasions, I have forgotten to bring my textbook home the night before a test. This made it difficult for me to prepare effectively for the next day’s exam.

These electronic devices can provide an opening for other distractions, but iPads use fewer resources than textbooks. Some people may feel iPads are more expansive than textbooks, but they actually save money in the long run. School districts also have fewer pages to print each year. Unlike textbooks, iPads will allow the school districts to go green. Since there is no paper printed, the Evergreen School District will save the thousands of trees that go into making textbooks and printing paper. iPads will also save students a lot of space in their backpacks and in school. Instead of having thick textbooks, they will have a skinny iPad.

With iPads, there is a slight risk of software corruption; however, iPads do not wear out like textbooks. To begin with, iPads are impossible to rip or tear. On the other hand, as a student flips through textbooks, the pages are easily damaged. iPads also prevent students from writing in answers to questions in textbooks or vandalizing them. With an iPad, each child can think for him or herself without a previous student filling in the answers for them. Lastly, an iPad has no flimsy spine that children can bend and break. This will help the iPads stay in good condition.

Last but not least, using iPads in schools to substitute textbooks is a wonderful way to solve the problems of kids of all ages. This replacement is the most productive and efficient method because it helps students be more at ease, allows the district to conserve resources, and will last a long time. Make the smart choice and replace textbooks with iPads in the Evergreen School District.

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