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Iift Essay Writing

by Sehajdeep Singh, IIFT Delhi

Many students are confused as to how to prepare for GDPI and WAT after the written exam is over. Selection in an MBA institute depends not only on the entrance exams but also on the performance on the day of the interview. Although the written exam constitutes a major portion of the selection at IIFT, preparing for other components which include group discussion, essay writing and personal interview is significantly important.

Advice for GD Preparation

Most of the people start their preparation for GDPI after the IIFT exam is over. But that is very risky as the student does not get enough time to prepare afterwards since the time gap between the end of written exam and the start of interviews is very less. So, I started preparing along with my written exam preparation.

I had joined TIME coaching institute and every month we used to get a magazine where important developments and issues in the field of economics, politics, technology, environment and society were given in detail along with facts and figures of macroeconomic indicators as well. I used to thoroughly read the magazine and memorise important figures from the same. Apart from that, I had installed Economic Times and The Hindu news app on my phone and I continuously used to read news whenever I used to get time. It not only improved my GK but also improved my verbal skills as well.

Thirdly, I had subscribed to Project Syndicate and Investopedia newsletters. All the important financial and economic terms and news used to come to my mailbox through those newsletters which greatly increased my knowledge and helped me get an upper hand in GDs and essay writing. So, for GDs and essays, I would advise students to follow the above websites and magazines.

The speciality of IIFT’s GDs is that each person gets to speak for about 1 minute and then the discussion starts and each person also gets to conclude for a minute and then the discussion ends. So, there would never be a situation where the student complains about not getting a chance to speak.

I advise the students to do extensive reading before the day of GD so that they do not fall short of any points while speaking.  Content is the most important part of the GD and falling short of it will give a very bad impression.

Lastly, give as many mock GDs as possible with your friends or in your coaching institute to have an upper edge in your preparation.

Advice for Interview Preparation

Firstly, there were some basic questions which were asked – like, tell me about yourself, strengths, weaknesses and hobbies. I suggest students should thoroughly prepare answers to these questions and the answers to these questions should be on their tips. I was majorly asked questions on my work experience and hence, I advise students with work experience to be prepared extensively for questions on the same.

Secondly, when the interviewer asks to tell me about yourself, always end the talk at something you feel you are comfortable with and are ready to face follow-up questions on the same. Keep the tell me about yourself part to a maximum of 2 minutes.

Also, give mock interviews to know your preparation and get feedback on your performance regularly for improvement. Lastly, watch mock interview videos on the internet to see how other candidates give interviews and what can you learn from the same.

I believe if a candidate follows all these tips, cracking IIFT would not be so difficult.



Sehajdeep Singh is a student of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.

To speak to Sehajdeep or another MBA Mentor for advice/mock GD/ mock interview, click here.

(All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent MentorYes’s viewpoint or recommendations. Readers are advised to consider and evaluate the views presented here before implementing them in their preparation or otherwise.)
All rights to this article are reserved with MentorYes and its holding company. No content, in part or whole, can be used / shared elsewhere without due credit to MentorYes and a prominent link back to the original post. No commercial use / distribution of this article is permissible, without prior written permission from MentorYes or its holding company.

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I still remember 14th december 2011 🙂 It was the day when I got the first of my MBA entrance exam results , IIFT . I was lazily surfing pagalguy through my cell phone when I read on the IIFT forums that the results were out . A good 20 minutes of anxiety later i finally checked the results 🙂

Anyway I had my IIFT PI on 7th of feb in Lucknow . A bit late in posting my experience but anyway here it is :

I reached Lucknow by 8:30 . The Essay writing started at about 9:30 .The topic given to us was
Commercialization of health sector in India’ . The time given to us was 20 minutes. I arranged my thoughts in the first 5 minutes and then managed to write a decent enough essay .There was a word limit of 300 words.

This was followed by a GD . The topic was ‘Does hiring of foreign managers by Indian companies add real value’ . For the first 20 minutes , it was a soliloquy , wherein every member of the group had to speak on the topic for a minute or so. I started the GD , but later on the group turned so aggressive that  I hardly managed to chip in twice or thrice . Not a good show I would say

I was the last one to be interviewed in a group of 12 and out of those 12 , I was friends with 3 so I had a great time waiting for my turn 😛  We just chatted away , with bouts of frantic googling when someone mentioned some current affair we didn’t know about , interspersed in between 😛

As usual there were 3 interviewers , lets call them
P1(old prof , asked about 95% of the questions)
P2(another older prof who kept quiet except asking me 1 question in the end)
P3 ( a lady, again , asked me just 1 question)
As i entered the room i made a stupid mistake wished them good morning ( it was 2PM) ,P2 replied ”good afternoon ”
P1(was all smiles and i really have no idea why ) : I hope the wait wasn’t tortuous
Yours truly (yt): No sir not at all 🙂
P1: so you must be knowing what we asked the last 2 guys as they were from your college(yup i had 2 people from my college and my batch )
Yours truly (yt) : yes sir , they told me that you’re questioning them on acads
P1 : so can I ask you the same questions
yt: sir he was a food technologist but i am a chemical engg so our courses were different
P1 : oh good , you’re a chemical engg.
now here’s the weird part …. all the questions i was asked were basic 10th level chemistry questions , except 1 maybe 😦 as if they already thought that this girl is a goner is se kya puchna
P1 : whats the diff b/w organic and inorganic chem
yt : told
P1: so ethylene comes under what
yt: organic
P1: what’s the formula for methane
yt: told
P1: okay uske baad kya aata hai , uska structure draw karo
yt: bata dia , draw bhi kar dia , P1 was happy good good bolne lage
P1 : C2H8 possible hai kya ?
yt: no sir
P1: acha ye batao iron ore kya hota hai
yt : told
P1: crude oil kya hota hai
yt: defined it and usi k sath told him the entire process of extraction of petroleum products , told him about cracking , knocking etc . thoda engg ka gyan
P1 interrupted in between saying that ‘’Please calm down 😀 don’t speak so fast , just relax and answer )
yt: (sheepish grin ) yes sir 😀 (and further continued with my answer)

P1: okay good , now tell me the formula for Iron ore

yt: (clueless 😐 4 saal pehle padha tha sir ) sorry sir i am unable to recollect it right now

P1: ferrous oxide ka naam suna hai
yt: yes sir Fe2O3
P2:Ferric oxide kya hota hai
yt: Sir Fe3O4
P1: okay so why do you want to go for management that’s not your passion(khud se hi assume kar lia )
yt: incident bataya , fest organise karaya tha , tab se lagne laga ki i have management skills
P1: so you’d go for HR
yt: not decided sir , will decide at the end of my first yr
P1:hobbies bolo
yt: reading , told him i love sherlock holmes stories
P1:sherlock holmes ka address kya hai
yt: told
P1: okay any other hobbies
yt: sir i love watching comedy drama movies
P1: last movie you saw
yt: Forrest gump
P1 : kyun hindi movies nahi acchi lagti ?
yt : no sir aisa nahi hai
P1: which was the last hindi movie you saw
yt: 3 idiots ( kal setmax pe aa rhi thi 😛 )
P1: kya message tha usme
yt: told
P3(the lady prof) : you were quiet through out the GD
yt: no ma’am , I initiated the GD but since many people were speaking at the same time , I ensured that I only spoke when i had a valid point .Infact when i spoke , everyone was listening to me , and that’s what i was aiming for.
P2: okay how many type of batteries are there
yt: sir we havent been taught about batteries
P2 : eveready ki battery is alkaline ?
yt: yes sir
P1: acid batteries suna hai ?
yt: yes sir , the batteries used in inverters
P1: aur types batao , engg me course nahi hai ispe ?
yt: sir we havent been taught about batteries (bas karo sir)
P1: okay good good (and started laughing) okay , you may leave
yt: thankyou sir and ma’am

I really dont know what to make of it itne basic questions puche ….. aur i guess the PI barely lasted for 10 minutes 😦 others in my group were interviewed for 15 minutes .May be they were in a hurry to leave
I would rate myself as follows :
GD : 2.5/5
essay: 4/5

Verdict: CONVERTED  😀 😀 😀

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