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Social Media Research Paper Ideas For College

Brand New Ideas For A Term Paper About Social Media

A term paper on social media can explore different sides of the platform. Millions of people use it on a regular basis. There are all sorts of things to think about that would make for a great topic. You can take some time to learn about different social media platforms to get ideas on what to write about. Finding new ideas may take some time but you can review other papers written on similar content to get a unique idea of your own. Here are some tips and examples to help you find an idea for your term paper project.

Brainstorming and What You Know about the Platform

Social media includes a wide range of topics to consider. For your project you can focus on elements you may not be familiar with. You can consider reviewing a platform you are not familiar with or something you don’t have an account for. You can explore reasons why people like a certain format over another. Whichever concept you come up with you can choose your angle and brainstorm from there. You can think about things you like or don’t like about social media.

Brainstorming is likely the best way to develop a raw original idea. You can check academic paper databases online with sample papers on similar subject matter. Doing so gives an idea of possible ideas you can change and make your own. When you understand the history of the subject matter you may find something different to explore. Look for techniques on brainstorming and consider the best option to help you develop good ideas.

10 Examples of Potential Topics

Writing a good paper includes choosing the right topic. If you take your time and make a list of potential ideas to think about, you can find an idea easily that is a good match with your interests. Here are 10 ideas to help you find your own topic.

  1. Most favorite platform people like to use.
  2. Cybercrimes committed.
  3. Who uses it most: children or adults?
  4. Should it be free to use?
  5. Dangers others may not realize.
  6. Why children should not use it.
  7. Security measures people should take.
  8. Why it’s easy for people to lie when using social media.
  9. Advantages of using it.
  10. What happens to the account after a person dies?

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