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Electrical Engineer Cover Letter For Job Position

An electrical engineer's cover letter, as with any cover letter, should emphasize what the person has done for the employer.  Do not make the mistake most job hunters make, which is writing their resumes and cover letters so that they just offer a long, boring list of job duties they were required to perform.

Most employers already know what job tasks are performed with specific jobs, and they don't want them restated on a resume or cover letter in any great detail.  Instead of listing job duties, focus on what you did for your employer in terms of saving money, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, streamling operations, automating processes, reducing labor costs, etc.  Provide any quantitative data that you have.  See also Cover Letter Sample for an Engineer

More sample letters, particularly the best way to respond to a classified or online advertisement, are available in our Cover Letter Writing Guide

Cover letters can make or break any candidate’s chances at being considered for the next big job. Because the cover letter often provides the first impression employers have of job candidates, they should be meticulously crafted to show the potential employees in the best light possible. Consulting a free electrical engineer cover letter sample like this one is often the first step. Consider this sample and the accompanying tips when writing your next cover letter to gain a better understanding of the entire process.

Free Electrical Engineer Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mrs. Rodriguez,

Ever since I was a small child, I have been fascinated with the world of electricity. When I saw your job opening for an experienced electrical engineer, I knew it was a position I could thrive in. With eight years of experience in electrical engineering projects, I am confident that I am the ideal candidate for the job.

My undergraduate and master’s studies in electrical engineering served as a solid foundation for me to begin my career in the field. Over time as I gained experience and knowledge, I have been entrusted with leading several multimillion dollar projects. My excellent organizational and coordinating skills allow me to not only excel in my work but enjoy it as well. Whether I am designing, troubleshooting, drawing circuitry, or cost forecasting, I am able and willing to do any job set before me.

As stated in your job description, problem-solving skills are an essential key to succeeding in electrical engineering, and I put mine to good use every day I am on the job. When presented with a problem, I investigate, determine the best methods for resolving the issue, consider the effects of each method, and communicate the plan of action with all team members.

I am committed to performing every job with the utmost integrity and professional conduct. I appreciate the time and attention you have taken to consider my application and look forward to hearing from you regarding an interview, where we can further discuss my qualifications.

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What to Include in an Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

As is demonstrated in our free electrical engineer cover letter sample, it is important to follow some best practices when crafting a cover letter for a job. Most importantly, create a new letter for every position you will be applying for. Additionally, do not waste time or space in repeating what you include in your resume. Instead, use the opportunity to introduce your character and professionalism. Conveying a competent, professional tone will help you seem more like an attractive candidate.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Drafting a cover letter like this free electrical engineer cover letter sample should focus on the job and your abilities, but is can also be helpful to include industry-specific skills. Consider the following:

• Innovation: Creating and implementing new ideas is key for successful electrical engineers.
• Problem-solving: Determining how to fix or avoid problems is essential to completing many projects.
• Critical thinking: Using reasoning and logic to evaluate potential solutions and their strengths is a daily task.
• Team work: Electrical engineering is often project-based, so team work may be a regular requirement.

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